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Get to Know Us

Meet Lachlan Stuart and Amy Sheppard, the dynamic duo behind the "Couple Goals" podcast. Having met in late 2013, they quickly discovered a deep connection and tied the knot in 2021. Their journey as a couple has been filled with love, laughter, and growth, as they've navigated the challenges and joys of life together.

Amy Sheppard is an ARIA award-winning musician who has achieved international fame with her band, Sheppard, and embarked on a successful solo career. She is also the founder of the empowering #kissmyfatassmovement, which encourages body positivity and self-love. Her passion for music and commitment to her craft, along with her advocacy for body acceptance, make her an inspiration to many. She brings her unique perspective as a successful artist, navigating the ups and downs of the music industry, to the podcast.

Lachlan Stuart is one of Australia's top performance coaches, specializing in helping men thrive in all aspects of their lives. His expertise in personal development and deep understanding of the human psyche make him a powerful force in the world of coaching. Lachlan's insights and experiences bring a wealth of knowledge to the podcast, as he shares stories and strategies for success.

Together, Lachlan and Amy have faced numerous challenges and have emerged stronger as a couple. Their individual successes in their careers have demanded resilience, adaptability, and open communication – traits that are crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.


Through "Couple Goals," they share their personal experiences, lessons learned, and insights with their listeners, hoping to inspire and support others on their own relationship journeys.

Join Lachlan and Amy as they make conversations about improving relationships easy and light-hearted, while delving into the joys, challenges, and complexities of love and partnership.


With their unique blend of humor, honesty, and practical advice, you'll be sure to find inspiration, understanding, and guidance on your own path to "Couple Goals."

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Embark on this love adventure with Amy and Lachlan by joining our Patreon community, tuning into the 'Couple Goals' podcast, or engaging with our insightful blog posts. Together, let's explore the world of relationships, personal growth, and connection!


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Couple Goals, hosted by Amy Sheppard & Lachlan Stuart, explores love & relationships through candid conversations, personal experiences, and expert insights. Join this dynamic duo as they navigate the world of modern romance and inspire you to create and maintain thriving relationships.

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Dive into Amy & Lachlan's blog for inspiring stories, relationship tips, and personal insights that'll empower you to create stronger connections.

Couple Goals Podcast W Lachie & Amy

Couple Goals Podcast W Lachie & Amy

Couple Goals Podcast W Lachie & Amy
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