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EP. 29 Marathon Madness, Musical Mayhem, and the Gift-Giving Breakup Bonanza

Are you ready for a laughter-filled rollercoaster ride?

Buckle up, because episode 29 of the Couple Goals Podcast with Amy and Lachie is here to provide an entertaining and engaging journey that will keep you on your toes! This time, our dynamic duo takes you through marathon madness, a creative musical challenge, and an intriguing Reddit story about a gift-giving breakup bonanza. Get ready to have a blast as you explore these captivating topics with your favorite podcast hosts!

Marathon Madness

Ever thought about running a marathon without adequate training?

Well, Lachie did just that! Listen to his daring experience of taking on a marathon with limited preparation. Despite the odds, Lachie's incredible determination and passion for personal growth shine through. You'll be left inspired and perhaps even tempted to set an ambitious goal for yourself!

Musical Mayhem

When creativity strikes, there's no stopping it! In this episode, Amy shares her recent musical escapade sparked by a challenge set by Lachie: write five songs in just five days. Embracing the challenge head-on, Amy discovers the power of unleashing her creative side and even treats listeners to a snippet of one of her catchy new tunes. Prepare to be amazed by Amy's creative prowess and perhaps inspired to tackle your own artistic challenge!

Amy Sheppard & Lachlan Stuart Podcasting

The Gift-Giving Breakup Bonanza

We've all heard stories about breakups, but have you ever heard of a breakup that turned into a gift-giving fiasco? In this episode, Amy shares a fascinating Reddit story about a couple who called it quits, only for the boyfriend to demand all his gifts back from his ex-girlfriend. Amy and Lachie dive into the murky waters of gift-giving, breakups, and the emotional turmoil that follows. Should gifts be returned after a breakup? Tune in and discover what our hosts think about this complex issue.

Don't Miss Out!

Episode 29 of the Couple Goals Podcast is packed with laughter, personal growth, creativity, and insightful discussions on love and relationships. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join Amy and Lachie as they unravel the secrets of a fulfilling partnership.

Tune in now, and be prepared to laugh, learn, and maybe even sing along!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your headphones, hit play, and dive into the hilarious world of episode 29 of the Couple Goals Podcast.

Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and get ready to embark on a journey filled with laughter, love, and life lessons!

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