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The Hosts

Lachlan Stuart and Amy Sheppard are the dynamic duo behind the popular "Couple Goals Podcast," where they explore the intricacies of modern relationships and provide their listeners with relatable advice, inspiring stories, and candid conversations.

Together, they create a welcoming atmosphere on their podcast, encouraging their listeners to reflect on their own relationships and providing them with the tools to cultivate healthy, thriving partnerships.


Their unique combination of personal and professional experiences has made the Couple Goals Podcast a must-listen for couples and singles alike, who are looking for honest, authentic conversations about love, communication, and personal growth.

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Lachlan Stuart

Amy Sheppard

Lachlan, a certified life coach and personal trainer, is known for his empathetic approach and ability to help people reach their full potential.

Amy, a talented musician and member of the successful indie-pop band Sheppard, brings her passion for creativity and a keen insight into the complexities of human connection.

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